At Blue Ribbon Nets, we aim to build more than heirloom fishing nets – we also want to build relationships with our customers and the community.

Here at Blue Ribbon Nets, our process starts with hand chosen American ash, cherry, and walnut lumber. The raw lumber is delivered to our shop in Bozeman, Montana where we carefully craft each net. To start, the wood is cut to size, steamed and bent, then glued together to form the frame. From there, over ten different processes go into the shaping, sanding, and finishing of the frame. Our frames are hand-finished, first by sanding to smooth perfection, and then by carefully applying a marine grade satin finish. Once the frame is finished and dried, the net bag is sewn in and a ring anchor is installed to complete the production process.

All of our nets are certified Made in Montana products because they are crafted in Montana from start to finish.

The company was started in 2000 here in Bozeman, Montana. We all love fly fishing, but what really draws us to the sport is the nostalgic experience. The idea of being in nature, teaching your kids to fish, learning from friends, and the tradition behind it all. That’s what led us to start making fly fishing nets that were traditional, heirloom quality, and functional.

Starting out we thought, let’s just design something new, yet traditional and see where it goes. So we started exploring what it would take to design a unique fly fishing net. The thrill came from the challenge of designing an ultra light rubber net bag; it hadn’t been done before. The end result was our trademarked BRN AquaFade Ultralight rubber net. The design is unique because it mimics the look of a hand tied net.

Today, over a decade later, we provide the distinguished fly fisherman a net that is not only functional, but timeless.