Net Bags
Our net bags are created with the fish in mind. Designed to protect both the fish’s natural beauty and habitat, our unique and handcrafted net bags are lightweight, strong, and flexible so you can land the perfect catch with ease and satisfaction.

Soft Mesh

We have developed and manufactured our own net bags from a fine soft mesh. These bags feature a double taped flat center seam, for a bag that is both gentle on fish and long lasting.

Light Weight Rubber Clear

The lightweight rubber net bag offers a happy medium between our soft mesh and our trademarked AquaFade net bag. This durable, yet flexible net bag offers both the weight of the soft mesh and the camouflage of the AquaFade.

BRN Aquafade Ultra Light®

Developed and manufactured in Bozeman, Montana, our new BRN AquaFade Ultra Light® net bag design is made from an exclusive eco and fish friendly compound – this results in a net that is not only lighter and more flexible, but is almost invisible in the water.

Innovatively crafted for timeless tradition

Reinforced Yoke
We have increased the overall strength of the net by using three laminations on the base of the yoke. This characteristic is a Blue Ribbon Nets exclusive, and is featured on all of our largest nets – including the Canoe Nets, Guide Boat Nets, and the large Catch & Release Nets.
BRN AquaFade Grip
Developed using the BRN AquaFade Ultra Light net bag technology. This Grip offers a number of benefits – nonslip, protects the end of the handle, quiet in aluminum boats and you’ll discover even more benefits.
Ring Anchor
For your convenience, there is a finely machined brass fitting permanently attached to the handle of all of our landing nets (with the exception of the Guide Boat Net).